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Anonymous said: Based off the way Bucky and Steve so very clearly leaned over to stare at Peggy's rear end, especially Bucky when he first saw her: Imagine Bucky and Steve easily fall back into admiring a nice booty in unison.


they think they’re being subtle, but peggy glances over her shoulder and catches them clearly, undeniably in the act.

steve immediately turns beet red and starts stammering an apology, with bucky elbowing his ribs trying to get him to shut the hell up - and peggy just raises an eyebrow and licks her perfectly red lips, her eyes flicking between steve and bucky.

she turns to face them fully, then looks bucky up and down appreciatively, pursing her lips.

"hmm," she says serenely. "this is an interesting development." she pauses for a moment, licks her lips again before continuing. "i’d quite like the both of you to join me in my quarters tonight. i believe we have some things to…talk about."

when they don’t immediately answer her, both staring at her wordlessly, she raises her eyebrows. “well?” she asks imperiously.

steve exchanges a glance with bucky, then stammers, “we’ll be there, agent carter.”

"excellent," she says. "eight o’clock sharp. don’t be late." she turns on her heel and strides away.



did you know that hot mechanic AU’s are the most important? cause they are

#I love how Steve looks sort of surprised that he has grimy handprints all over him #like dude #you took your shirt off #knowing full well that all of your significant others #were covered in engine grease #what did you *think* was gonna happen #I mean it was that or a bunch of licking #seriously (via strange-radio)


To start, it was just Steve.

"Do you mind if I read this at your place?" he asked, holding up the Winter Soldier’s file. "My apartment got kind of shot up the other day."

And of course Sam said yeah, no problem, and let Steve have his privacy going through the file. And found him still flipping pages after midnight, bleary-eyed, and insisted he sleep on the couch instead of finding a hotel. And made him French toast the next morning.

A week later, Steve had moved in, apologetically (as long as it’s okay! tell me if I’m a nuisance!), when a stocky, scruffy-haired guy showed up at Sam’s door.

"I can’t believe you guys," he said by way of introduction, letting himself in. "I was in Syria. Under cover. You don’t burn an agent in fucking Syria." He walked past Sam into the dining room and started unloading his bag on the table. Some Stark devices, several SHIELD gadgets, and—yup, that was a bow and arrow.

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so i had this capital-i Idea like i was gonna do a bunch of sequential drawings like they were in a photobooth. that did not happen but here is this one thing anyway because i do exactly what i want no more and no less


so i had this capital-i Idea like i was gonna do a bunch of sequential drawings like they were in a photobooth. that did not happen but here is this one thing anyway because i do exactly what i want no more and no less

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More on topic of happy puppy pile ;3


More on topic of happy puppy pile ;3

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[previous one][and more] sorry for stretching your dash ^^”’

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the only way cap 3 may end

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teadrinkingdragon said: Nat/Steve/Sam/Bucky playing board games that devolve into a cuddle pile?


"You can’t play Trivial Pursuit with two guys who spent the past seventy years frozen," Steve protested.

"Watch us," Sam said. "Unless you wanna play Twister again."

Steve flushed. “No, just… I’m with Nat.”

Natasha chuckled. “Uhhh, no. I don’t think so.”

"Then I’m with Sam," Steve said. 

"You said you’ve been studying," Sam said. "Let’s put it to the test."

"I can’t know everything from seven decades of history in a few months—-“

"Let’s play," Bucky said, quietly. He gripped Steve’s knee under the table, squeezing softly. "I think we can take them."

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okay but seriously tho


oh shit you guys an au where no rocks fall and nobody dies

and steve and peggy get married because they’re stupidly in love with each other and bucky sort of half-accidentally moves in and will not admit to being stupidly in love with them too

obviously steve is also stupidly in love with bucky still and peggy is considering it but she might just opt for “this is my husband steven and his husband james” because wow, bucky, issues, but anyway

so one day they realize peggy is pregnant and peggy stares at steve and steve stares at peggy and bucky wanders by and goes ???? and peggy says I’m knocked up how did I get knocked up and steve is like I DON’T KNOW HOW YOU GOT KNOCKED UP EITHER SWEETHEART

and bucky’s just like, wow you guys if you don’t know how she got knocked up i genuinely don’t know what to tell you

and peggy is like shut up barnes i mean we used rubbers and i used the rhythm method and bucky’s like daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn son

and steve is like HOW DO BABY and peggy was like I DON’T KNOW I HAD A NANNY AND A NURSERY MAID and they stare at each other in blank panic and then they both turn their heads and look at bucky. bucky loves babies. bucky is already staring creepily at peggy’s midriff like he can xray vision through to see the baby and telepathically assure it it is the most wonderful baby ever

james, says peggy sweetly, dear james, good james, you lamb

oh jesus, says bucky dragging his eyes reluctantly from her torso

bucky pal buddy bestie, says steve, because he and peggy are creepily telepathic on a level only slightly below steve and bucky, how would you like to be a godfather and by that we actually mean PEGGY POPS IT OUT AND BASICALLY YOU’RE DAD1

and bucky’s like I should be at least 500,000% more reluctant to do this but omg babby steve and peggy babby!!1 and this would be great except someone’s like CAPTAIN AMERICA BABBY!!! and things happen and bucky kills many lots assholes and rescues baby and steve and peggy hurt many lots people and rescue bucky and baby and they live harmoniously in some sort of triangle configuration wherein bucky is basically mr mom and enjoys his life the most of anybody forever

and now I’m really sad this is never going to happen BYE

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firefirefire said: that last tag was golden (:


ok i hope these tags were what you meant because if not you’re in for a fun surprise: 

#ok but natasha and bucky in the room next to steve  #not bothering to be quiet AT ALL when they realize he’s in there  #heh  


“Shhh,” Natasha whispers into Bucky’s ear. He lets out a groan, muffling the sound with her shoulder. Natasha tightens her legs around him and sighs quietly in pleasure. He has her pressed up against the blue wall of his bedroom, her weight held by his metal arm, his right hand braced against the wall.

“Natasha –“ Bucky starts, his voice a heavy, wrecked mess. Natasha stops him with a finger to his lips.

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calamityeggplant said: Can I ask you to ramble about SamBucky for a bit? :)



Sam, Sam, Sam.

We all know I love Sam, right? I’ve ranted about this extensively.

And Bucky. Pre-war Bucky is my favorite Bucky, he’s a mother hen, he has three younger siblings to look after AND a best friend who’s a goddamn dope and tries to get himself beaten to death at least once a week. Post-WS, Bucky doesn’t have much left, even Steve, while still a reckless punk, doesn’t need him as much as he used to. His family is dead or too old to remember him.

Sam is Sam. Sam isn’t Steve, who knew old Bucky and who Bucky is always afraid is comparing him to old Bucky. Sam is Sam. He’s sweet, funny, smart, and always manages to make a person feel useful, even when they’re not sure what the fuck they’re doing with anything.

"You’re good with knives. Help with the salad."
"You’re good with fire. You’re on the grill."
"You’re in charge of the cooler."

Just little stuff, little things. Making him take responsibilities. Sam would be the one to tell Bucky to get his cats fixed, because even if they’re from the same litter, they still might do things they shouldn’t. Sam would be the one to tell him it’s damn silly he takes better care of his cats than himself because who’s going to feed and water the kitties if he doesn’t? Sam would notice Bucky’s been wearing the same damn hoodie for three weeks and poke Steve into giving Bucky his credit card and access to Amazon for fuck’s sake you don’t have to leave the house to buy clothes.

Sam would also keep Steve from losing his damn mind trying to drown Bucky in gifts he always wanted to give him when he was poor and could never afford. Sam would verbally slap Steve and tell him to calm down.

Sam wouldn’t put up with excuses. Sam wouldn’t dote on him, wait on him or try to fix or counsel him, because Sam is a grown ass functional man who has other shit to do, but he wouldn’t be mean, either.

Sam is zen.

Sam goes to hug Steve as he’s leaving (because he’s not living with these two jerks, he values his sanity) and doesn’t even blink when Bucky appears and wants a hug, too. He does blink, half a dozen times later, when Bucky hugs back. He laughs.

His laugh makes Bucky smile.

I don’t think Sam/Bucky would happen quick. It would take a while, Bucky’s a mess. But when Bucky asks, real low and shy, if Sam would mind a kiss, and Sam laughs and turns a little peck into the hottest closed-mouth kiss he’s ever had, Bucky’s gone.

Steve elbows him in the ribs after and he and Bucky spend the rest of the night making fun of each other because Sam turns them both into stupid teenagers.



i’m here for lazy team america makeouts on the couch. i’m here for team america impromptu dennys sessions at 3 am because they can. i’m here for team america cuddles with steve in the middle of it all because god DAMN that boy is a fuckin walking furnace. i’m here for team america domesticity

I am never sure if everyone counts Bucky in Team America but I often see him in there soooo idk I liked this imagery and felt like doin’ some Bucky, here is a thing.

Sam’s fingers slide over Bucky’s jaw, skidding over the first scratchy peppering of stubble, before he draws the other man in for a slow kiss. Natasha and Steve have already abandoned their impromptu who-can-fit-the-most-popcorn-in-their-cheeks-without-laughing competition to instead swap butter-flavored spit, which is maybe a little gross but Sam’s not one to judge considering he’s been snacking too.

It goes on that way for awhile, Sam licking every soft moan Bucky has to offer from his welcoming mouth, Bucky’s hand on his neck and his knee bumping Sam’s, until Nat crawls over Steve to get to them. She nuzzles her cute little nose up between their faces, nudging them apart so she can get to Sam’s mouth, putting her hand on Bucky’s chest to hold him away when he starts to protest.

“I wasn’t finished,” Bucky tells her with feigned indignance. Without breaking their kiss, Natasha jerks a thumb towards Steve.

“I’m the consolation prize?” Steve objects with a snort, “Gee, thanks, Nat.”

Sam laughs into her mouth and she bites his lower lip for it, perching comfortably on his lap for the long haul.

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Anonymous said: Barber Shop QuartetOT4 + peanut butter and jelly sandwiches


"Oh," Bucky said, one lazy Sunday morning when they were all lying around, complaining of hunger but doing nothing about it. "I can make you some of my special sandwiches." 

"Special sandwiches?" Sam asked, opening one eye. 

"Just go with it." Natasha mumbled, from where she was tucked into Sam’s chest, still half-asleep.

"I started making them during the war from what we had in our rations." Bucky said, climbing out of bed and pulling on pajama pants with little Cap shields on them. "All the Commandos loved ‘em."

"I never did." Steve said, and got a pillow to the face. 

"I’m scared now." Sam muttered. "It’s not gonna be something like … spam and sardines, is it?" 

"I wish,” Steve sighed. “I love sardines.” 

"Shut up, Steve. They’re great!" Bucky called behind him. "I’m not ruining the surprise." 

"Just make mine peanut butter!" Steve yelled, curling into the curve of Natasha’s spine. 

They dozed for a few minutes in the golden afternoon before Bucky returned, a plate in his hand piled high with sandwiches. 

"It’s not your usual sandwich," he said, passing the plate to Natasha. "So keep an open mind. Except for Steve." Bucky plunked a second plate with two sandwiches on it on the nightstand next to Steve’s head. "Mr. Just Peanut Butter over here." 

"Um." Sam said, after Natasha had taken a sandwich nonchalantly and passed him the plate. "This isn’t …" he took a small bite and sure enough. "This peanut butter and … jelly?" 

"Yes!" Bucky beamed, taking one sandwich in each hand and biting into one enthusiastically. "I invented it! One day, I was looking at our GI rations, trying to decide between peanut butter on toast or jelly on toast and then I thought … what if I put them together? And bam! Bucky’s Special Sandwich was born." 

"It’s too sweet." Steve made a face. "Just pick one or the other, Bucky. Peanut butter’s already sweet enough."

"No one asked you, Steve." 

Sam looked at Natasha, who shrugged. “I like peanut butter and pickles.” Sam said mildly, and was met with three, aghast faces. 

((according to this source, the combination of peanut butter and jelly in sandwiches may have started during WWII, because it had never been mentioned before the 1940s))


Sam taking both Steve’s dick and Nat’s strap-on as he perches between them, panting and writhing, just letting Steve hold his hips and bounce him because he can’t make himself move it hurts so good. 

Sam waking up with Nat spooning him and Steve’s face tucked up under his chin, arms and legs tangled all over him, unable to get up to piss unless he wants to be the jerk that wakes everyone before the alarm. 

Sam having to buy the big expensive packs of stringcheese so there’s a few left for his nieces on the weekends since Nat will eat like eight of them in a day and there’s no way in hell he’s pointing it out. 

Sam having to do breathing exercises to keep from coming when Nat and Steve kiss around his dick, lips and tongues sliding around and over the head of his dick, and fucking losing it if they both look up at him while they’re doing it. 

Sam being the one to do and fold the laundry, because Nat likes to perch on the dryer and watch him while they talk and Steve bleached Sam’s fourth favorite pair of jeans so he’s not allowed near any of it. (Sam also knows this was done on purpose.) 

Sam breaking down on bad days and Nat and Steve both learning when to offer cuddles and comfort and when to let him bring himself out of it. Nat kissing his neck and whispering in his ear. Steve gathering him in his arms. Them both hovering anxiously in other rooms of the house while Sam works alone on his laptop. 

Sam coming home to the smell of fresh caulking so he’s immediately alarmed and a little pissed because what did you shits break today???? and finding Nat and Steve in paint-splattered clothes and construction hats, having remodeled his bathroom and put in a new huge tub because baths are Sam’s favorite. 

Sam always winning the big “what should we watch” arguments by reminding them it’s his damn tv. 

Sam being loved by Steve and Natasha yay.

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